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Yantras are wisdom in geometric form.

About Yantras

Using Yantras with Yoga and Ayurveda is the magical formula for experiencing the mystical in the every day. Seeing how life’”works” is more about you being in tune with yourself than any outer set of circumstances. This is my work.

I am here to guide you to be yourself, to use your gifts, and to birth your dreams. Yantras are visual symbols, mystical works of art and ancient healing tools that connect you with your divine self to elicit a personal healing and worldly response. I have found that drawing their forms, coloring the shapes and reciting their mantras calms me in a way that warms my belly and sends shivers down my spine, connecting me with something special, that resides within.

After following my teacher Harish Johari to India and back several times to study with him, I have navigated through shifts in career and relationship and ultimately brought forth a family life that’s beyond my wildest dreams. Being a mother is the most fulfilling element in my life, it is my spiritual life, and connecting me anew to the Goddess Yantras. The Yantras speak to me as living beings might, I am intimate with them and can use their voices to match yours.

Drawing, coloring, painting, meditating and chanting (singing their names) with the Yantras are the remedies that we’ll work with. Just as the doctor gives you medicine, I’ll give you the Yantras. Your personal Yantra will serves as a talisman for your life path. Come for an Astrological Ayurvedic reading so I can get to know you better and we can gain clarity on your goals and vision. Let’s get your Goddess out!

From the selection below, see which one you are drawn to. This indicates the quality you resonate with presently. It can be powerful to create and meditate upon the chosen form for inner, and outer transformation.

See Sarah Tomlinson’s Yantra Painting WorkShops


  • 1sunyantrascanTN
  • 2moonyantrascanTN
  • 3marsyantrascanTN
  • 4mercuryyantrasTN
  • 5jupiteryantrascanTN
  • 6venusyantrascanTN
  • 7saturnyantrascanTN
  • 8rahuyantrascanTN
  • 9ketuyantrascanTN
  • a.Ganesh.TN
  • 1.Kali.TN
  • 2.Tara.TN
  • 3.tripura.sundari.TN
  • 4.Bhuvanesvari.TN
  • 5.Tripur.Bhairavi.TN
  • 6.Cinnamasta.TN
  • 7.Dhumavati.TN
  • 8.Bagla.Mukhi.TN
  • 9.Matangi.TN
  • 10.Kamla.TN
  • 11_Lakshmi.TN
  • 12.Durga.TN
  • 13_Saraswati.TN
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Yantra Workshops

If you are drawn to working with the Yantras, we invite you to attend a workshop to create your own. Sarah Tomlinson has also created a series of exquisite color prints for you to purchase in the store, where you can also order a special Yantra painted especially for you by Sarah.

Yantra Workshops

Creating a Yantra in a workshop setting with Sarah Tomlinson is a great way to immerse yourself in this ancient spiritual practice. This peaceful process allows you to meditate while creating, and gives you, and your friends beautiful paintings to adorn your home, altar or work space.

Yantra Painting Workshops

Yantra Workshops

Creating a Yantra in a workshop setting is a great way to immerse yourself in this ancient spiritual practice. This peaceful process allows you to meditate while creating, and gives you, and your friends beautiful paintings to adorn your home, altar or office space with external environment.
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How do you benefit?

Each Yantra has a healing quality that is imparted through its creation and meditation process. This begins to work your inner channels and slowly manifests as concrete changes in your outer life.
The drawing and coloring respectively balance the two hemispheres in the brain, this is good for cultivating both good logical and mathematical minds and developing your intuitive, creative self.
I have seen great healing happen through this process where the two sides of the brain now work together, from learning disorders to strokes, to increased peace of mind, we have seen miraculous progress.
A devotional, heart-oriented space opens up for the participant as the Yantra and Mantra combine and the creative practice starts to consume you throughout the day. The paintings themselves are beautiful.
And, it is a fun way to spend the day/retreat with like-minds.

Upcoming Events -Contact for Yantra Workshop-

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  • Mon

    Come and learn about the 10 Mahavidya Goddess Yantras. Each one will teach you about yourself and empower a specific quality within. See which one you are drawn to (and need) in your life at present.

    All supplies and instruction provided.

    Location and Registration TBA

    Contact Sarah@yantrabliss.com for more info.

  • Sat
    Samana Ayurveda. San Francisco, California

    Join Sarah Tomlinson and Malcolm McQuirter for this festive Fall Goddess Yantra and Mantra Meditation weekend. Over these two days you will:

    Select the Yantra that will help you with your personal evolution,
    Make your Yantra, Drawing and painting guidance will be given.
    Chant at a fire ceremony with meditation,
    Participate in a ritual with Yantras, mantras and flower petals.

    and be:


    This is powerful work and we would love you to join us. Please sign up in advance, the session is limited to 10 participants: contact Sarah@yantrabliss.com to register.

    Cost for the weekend: $190

    Art Supplies: Are provided.
    Flowers: Please bring some flowers for the Yantra Puja (colors will be assigned)

    Dates+Times: Saturday and Sunday September 16+17th, times of sessions tbc. Please check back soon.

  • Sun

    Celebrate the culmination of Navaratri, nine nights of the Goddess - in New York City. We will have chanting and offering flowers and lights to the Sri Yantra: the MOTHER of the Universe.

    This is going to be a treat.

    Save the date,

    please check back for specifics regarding time and place.


  • Mon
    SOHO - TBC

    Please join us for a special introduction into the art of Yantra Painting = create the goddess yantra that reflects your beauty back to you.

    Drawing Supplies are provided. Please bring your favorite coloring tools with you: crayons, pens, simple paints, and a folder to take your Yantra home in. (12x12")

    Cost: $80

    Time: 12:30-5:30pm

    Soho. NYC. Address given upon registration. Contact Sarah@yantrabliss.com to register

  • Sat
    Los Angeles, By the Hollywood Sign...

    Join us for this celestial alignment: you will create the Planetary Yantra that speaks to you...From the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.
    Steps for the drawing and coloring will be provided.
    Supplies are provided.

    This is a peaceful form of meditation, by the end of the day your inner and outer cosmos will be transformed.

    Come! Pre-register with Sarah@yantrabliss.com

    Cost: $120
    Time: 10-5

  • Sun
    Bhakti Yoga Shala. Santa Monica. CA

    Join us to color your yantra and chant your mantra. Pre-register with BYS...soon....date subject to change.

  • Tue
    New York City

    Join Ambika and Sarah for some chanting and coloring that will set the stage for a peaceful and blissful holiday season. Kirtan and coloring followed by book signing and snacks/festivities.

    Be prepared to be amazed.

    More info coming. Please save the date.

    Exact date, time, location tba - 6-8PM

  • Fri
    Yoga Union, NYC

    A brilliant visual meditation, with Sarah Tomlinson, one of the few americans trained to teach this material in the West. As with asana, pranayama and meditation, Yantra Painting alters the internal landscape, changes the vibratory content of one's being and can bring about profound healing.

    This is a rare occasion to spend time focused on the beauty and precision of line and color while experiencing the transformative effects of this ancient practice. Sarah Tomlinson studied with Harish Johari, one of India's great Yantra Masters, until his death.

    Bring an assortment of coloring pencils and pens. Paper and drawing supplies will be provided.

    1-5pm. Friday 4th May, 2018

    Save the date!


  • The whole process is amazingly powerful. The Yantra becomes more and more alive.The more alive it becomes the more communication there is. It even seems to pulsate at times or becomes 3-D.

    April 2 Yantra Day was a very special way to spend a birthday.

    Thank you for your teaching and guidance and cheerfulness.

    Kim White, California
  • I did a yantra painting workshop with Sarah thru the Yoga Society of New York at its ashram in Monroe, NY a few years ago. I received my reading and painted my own watercolor yantra over the course of a silent weekend retreat, alongside my very very good friend Laurel. What a blessing. The yantra painting is framed and sits on my altar at home – a very special and holy treasure. I recommend this experience to all.

    Cori Gallagher, New York
  • Just looking at these beautiful designs in your book is so calming and inviting, and I am truly grateful to you for having done the work of learning this wonderful art and making it available for anyone to experience, and truly hope to have the opportunity to study with you.

    Heather Jones, Advisor
  • Painting a yantra with Sarah Tomlinson is like giving a spa day to your imagination: slow, methodical, and restorative. Please consider this workshop for yourself or as a sweet gift for a Loved One to whom you want to offer some spiritual pampering.

    Erin Lukhs, Mathematician
  • You are a fantastic teacher and I loved meeting you.

    Nya Patrinos, Television/Media/Yoga
  •   My work with Sarah Tomlinson was serendipitous and has been nothing short of transformational. I did a Sri Yantra. On the day(s) of creation, the journey to the bindu was like a stepping onto a path to my soul and its place within the cosmos. Mapping my way to God in sacred geometry is a humbling and revealing adventure. Each line, each color, each brushstroke resonates far beyond the creation. I sit daily with my yantra and Sri and am presented with gifts of presence and insights that have allowed me to release the constructs that have organized my universe to reveal the possibilities of the God within.

    Wes Stevens, CEO / Founder, VOX, Inc.
  • Hi Sarah!  Thanks so much for offering the class on Sunday, the effects of the Yantra are a big blessing.  It was a unique experience that touched me at my core. I am grateful for the many wonderful qualities that opened the space, especially your patience and guidance, without which there would have been no development.

    Medi Matin, Artist, NYC
  • Thank you so much Sarah Tomlinson for the transformative yantra workshop yesterday!!!! You brought from NYC your brilliance and insight. I have never liked my art, but I LOVE this! Love! Joy! Jai Ma!!!!!!!!

    Kathleen Kelly, San Francisco
  • Just got finished painting my first yantra ever with Sarah Tomlinson! IT WAS BEYOND WORDS AMAZING. It’s so hard to describe WHAT was so awesome…other than having this beautiful art piece and feeling something MOVE in my heart and mind. Can’t wait to see what happens If you EVER get the opportunity to go to a workshop of hers… It will CHANGE you!

    Patsy O’Brien, Yoga Teacher, San Francisco
  • Sarah Tomlinson has an explosive teaching spirit in yantra designing.  Her hands purely channel each intricacy of a yantra as though it directly emanates from her subtle mind and body.  Her undying patience encouraged me to cultivate my true artistic self and transform my life positively.  I am truly grateful to be her student. 

    Konstantina Tsoukaris, NJ
  • It has been a transforming experience to be studying with you Sarah Tomlinson, my energy has changed a lot since yesterday, I feel clearer more energized, more focus, I can see more from above (birds view) instead of getting lost in the day to day. Detachment? You are a great teacher of this path, thank you again.

    Student from San Diego, CA
  • Last night I made painted a beautiful mother moon CHANDRA YANTRA for my mom for mothers day. It’s beautiful but what was more beautiful was the process. Thank you my friend for passing on such a beautiful practice.

    Astrud Castillo, senior instructor, Laughing Lotus Yoga Center SF.
  • My day spent with Sarah Tomlinson last summer at Ananda was one of my favorite days ever. She is such a good guide and the Yantra practice is so good for the soul.

    Mia Borgatta, Lila Wellness, NYC
  • Just wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom and presence…and paints! Yesterday was a really wonderful experience and I’m awed by how much we did and so grateful. There’s something magical not only about the Yantras themselves, but they act of creating them in a group. So grounding and heart opening.

    Emily Fasten